Saturday, July 18, 2009

Communication Part 6

This week we have looked at five reasons people will not come to us as leaders.  The first two are perception the last three, more than the others, are matters of the heart.

1.  They don't think we can help. (Ability)

2.  They don't think we care. (Fellowship)
3.  They do not want to be challenged to change their thinking.  (Exhortation)
4.  They do not want to end the news feed. (Gossip)
5.  They do not want a solution or unity, only destruction. (Rebellion)


What should someone do if they are the "they" in the list above.
What should one do if they find themselves in the first category?  Well… I trust that you find someone who has a tried and proven relationship with the Lord and seek their counsel.


For those who may find themselves in the second category, Scripture commands us to seek reconciliation with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  If there is broken fellowship between you and another Christian seek to be restored.


Those who, after asking the Lord to search their hearts, find themselves to be one of those described in the third group need to honestly and humble repent of their pride.  The Lord wants to condition us to seek after godliness and this comes about through repentance and humility.


Gossip is destructive and Scripture commands us not only to abstain from participating in it, but to avoid it.  If the Lord reveals to the reader that this is a reality in their life (and we are all guilty to varying degrees) then the command is to repent of this sin and ask forgiveness from the offended.  Yes… even if they don't know they are the victims of gossip.


The fifth category of person is the most dangerous.  When someone has a desire to destroy and not to edify, to deconstruct what the Lord is building, this is a major issue.  If someone is reading this and the Holy Spirit indicates to them that this is indeed the motive behind what they say and do then nothing short of public repentance is called for. 


As you read through Scripture it becomes evident that God desired holiness from His people.  This was not written with anyone in mind, but if you feel like maybe I am writing about you, then the Spirit just might be telling you that it was intended for you.  Seek Jesus and His pleasure, and the rest will take care of itself. 



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