Friday, July 17, 2009

Communication Part 5

This week we have been looking at five reasons people do not come to leaders when they have a problem.  Maybe you are a leader at work, in the church you serve, or in your home.  All of us need to be approachable and trustworthy. So far in this short series we have seen four possibilities:

1.  They don't think we can help. (Ability)

2.  They don't think we care. (Fellowship)

3.  They do not want to be challenged to change their thinking.  (Exhortation)

4.  They do not want to end the news feed. (Gossip)

Finally, there are some men and women that have a demonic desire to cause division.  God calls this abominable in Proverbs 6:19.


5.  They do not want a solution or unity, only destruction. (Rebellion)

That is a tough pill to swallow, but it is none the less true.  Some people do not want reconciliation or unity.  They simply want, as someone has said, to build a house just to watch it burn.  Be careful around these people... you will get burned too.
Tomorrow we will look at the ins and outs of these five reasons and what to do if you find yourself, or someone else, is an example.

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