Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday Morning Commentary (THE TUESDAY MORNING EDITION)

Well… there you have it. I have shown my hand, so to speak. Here’s the deal:

My wife and did not realize just how much help her grandmother was to us. I had not taken a "day off" in just over a month and my wife said "take a day off"... So I am now taking a day off. I thought Fridays would be the best, but it turns out that Mondays are actually best. I guess that is why so many pastors take Monday off.

So, that should explain why I haven’t posted in a while. Ok… and now for the commentary:

  • The Sunday School program at Bethany Baptist Church is not only something I think is great, but I have heard that many, many others think the same thing!
  • I was very encouraged to see so many people enjoying conversation before the service.
  • The musical portion of the service truly blessed my heart.
  • What can I say about the preaching? I know that I thoroughly enjoyed teaching it!
  • The Church Council met with potential new members after the service, to hear testimonies. WOW! I sure love hearing the testimonies of transformed lives!

All in all, I have to say that I was blessed this Sunday. Truly we serve a gracious and loving God.

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