Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Simple... so simple

In preparation for this Sunday (08-29-10), I am awestruck at the simplicaity of the Lord's commands.

"Obey me and live..."  So simple... so profound.

But we should not think of this as a dictator demanding followership....

No, instead we read of a merciful Savior who has no choice but to act justly.  And (here's the best part) He invites us to enter into that justice by doing what is right. 

If we choose to follow our own lusts and desires... well... we can expect that we will not deliver ourselves from the mess we find ourselves in.

In short:

IF Jesus is in control... then you have nothing to fear.  He will do what's right and you can rest knowing that you are in capable hands.

If you are in control... well, I'd be worried too!

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Zoo said...

The easiest and hardest thing to do is to let go.