Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Reflections

Memorial Day

I trust that y'all had a great day enjoying the Word and your family this Monday.  It was a great time at the Johnson house… food… fellowship… Scripture… you know… the essentials.

It was also a great time to introduce the older children to the reason we celebrate Memorial Day.  It's not about presents and there isn't any cake.  There are no party favors or decorations.  No… Memorial Day is about remembering those who have paid the price for our freedom.  We celebrated by praying for the families of those who have given all for us and enjoyed time outside, in the freedom bought for us by the men and women in our military.

Probably the most amazing part of the whole day was Ana's understanding of my statement: "Memorial Day is when we remember those who have fought for us and died so we can enjoy our lives."

How did my daughter respond?

"Like Jesus did on the cross?"


Thank you Lord that the Gospel is so simple a child can proclaim it… and so powerful to save to the uttermost!

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