Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From the Sky!

This was originally composed on Friday February 26th at 2:44 pm Eastern Standard Time (from seat 29-f several thousand feet above America.)

I just flew back from a thriving metropolitan area of almost 7 million. The 2010 Census data will most likely confirm conservative estimates that the actually population is greater than that.

Miami-Dade County ties the greater Seattle / Portland area for "least churched" area of the country. +90% of the population is unchurched... claiming no religious affiliation at all. That is shocking to say the least.

I looked out the window of the plane and saw creation like few have. Almost all day... a bright sunshiny day.... clear and clear across the country.

All the way I was thinking:

Who am I that you would choose me? More than that Lord, who am I that you would choose me to care for a segment of your people. Who am I that you should be so kind to me?

The answer is GOD'S GRACE!

Be blessed today as you ponder the matchless grace of our God.

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