Saturday, March 6, 2010

Better Together

We love Jack Johnson around our house.  He did the soundtrack to the CURIOUS GEORGE movie and his music is great. One of the tracks off the IN BETWEEN DREAMS album is "Better Together".  And that is exactly how I feel about my family.

We play best together.

We learn better together.

We laugh harder together.

We sing louder together.

We are better together.

So here's my question to you:

Do you do life better with Christ?

The answer should be a resounding YES!

Why don't you take a minute to thank Him for his promise to never leave you nor forsake you (Matthew 28) because you are better together.

Be blessed y'all ! ! !

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Stephen Vaughn said...

I love this song! Heard it for the first time this week and loved it! Jack Johnson really is very good!