Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gadget, Gadgets everywhere...

I have a confession... I love technology.

I appreciate the tools that have come along in the last few years and
it is amazing to see what have been developed in just the few short
years that I have been breathing air. Some readers out there can not
appreciate this... but I remember when Mario was 8 bit and a 32 inch
TV was considered MAMMOTH! Good night... there were no Pentium 3's,
2's, or 1's... (Sorry for the time warp there.)

Recently I listened to a couple of pod casts on technology and the
direction it seems to be headed. Listening to some of these tech guys
talking about technology as "advancements"... I wonder how many of
these tools, ideas, procedures, and techniques are, in fact, NOT
ADVANCEMENTS... But retreats?  Some of the most "innovative" stuff can
actually be a retreat to more comfortable and familiar territory.

Here's something all of us should consider: Do I take the easy route
for the sake of comfort?

Certainly Jesus didn't.

Technology is great... utilize it.

Gadgets are great... allow them to make you more productive.

But the end goal of these modern marvels on ingenuity should be to
make us better servants of the King. And at the end of the day,
that's what should matter.

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