Saturday, January 2, 2010

A book review for you preachers out there

Happy New Year!


What better way to begin the year than with a book review?


Haddon Robinson offers the church a concise and extremely helpful volume on preaching in Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository Messages.  I love his use of language and the fact that Robinson, as a master teacher, speaks on "my level".  As a writer, and a preacher… I respect that.


If you are looking for a book to help round off a few rough edges in your sermon(s), I wholeheartedly recommend Biblical Preaching.


The copy I read is a first print from 1980. (Yep... this book is as old as I am.)  Here is the updated edition (2001)


Robinson gets high marks from me on this one and, infinitely more important, what this book aims at producing glorifies Jesus… namely, Biblical Preaching.  If I had to sum the book up in one thought it would be:  The preacher is to communicate truth to those who need it.  If it is not properly communicated... we have failed in our task.  Clarity over profundity.
Note:  If you enjoy listening to podcasts on sermon development and would like more from Haddon Robinson... here's the link in iTunes.  The podcast is called PREACHING POINTS.

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