Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Multnomah This Morning

One of the elders and I headed to Multnomah University for their annual ministry expo this morning. We were there representing Bethany  
Here are a few things that challenged me today:
- It was a huge encouragement to see so many young (and not so young) folks seeking to serve the Lord in their areas of gifting and training.
- We met a lot of young folks who wanted to serve the Lord, but don't know where/how yet. That is great... a somewhat un-nerving and, simultaneously, exhilarating time of asking the Lord for direction. Simply awesome.
- I got the chance to see a bigger picture of what Jesus is doing in the greater Portland area.  He is calling a people unto Himself... it is exciting.
- Probably the biggest "amen"'s of the morning where:
•The young guy leading a group of students on campus with VOICE OF THE MARTYRS. (A fantastic organization helping the persecuted and underground church worldwide.)
• The church planter two booths down from us. We had some sweet fellowship and he was just a great guy get to know.
All in all, we had several folks stop by and have two people interested in BBC. That is great... but here is something that is greater:
Jesus Christ not only loves the church, He provides for her. And that fact alone should challenge us to serve Him with greater passion.
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