Saturday, March 14, 2009


(Someone has said, “God gives us children to teach us lessons.” Here is a case-in-point.)

My children do not move as fast as Daniela and I do, nor should they be expected to. They are smaller and need help with the larger things. They are weaker and need help with the stronger things. They are patient and I need help with the slower things.

I write this on the heals of eating lunch with my three oldest kiddos. Anabelle, our second born, has a habit of eating slow. (I hear that this is really good for digestion.) When the kids were done eating their hotdogs they had some yogurt. I watched in utter amazement at how patient and gentle she was in opening the package. As I watched I couldn’t but help think:

She prefers quality over quantity.

I don’t know how that principle applies in your life, but I know how it applies in mine. By the grace of God all of us will come to the realization that in some things we need to slow way down and do things patiently rather than quickly.


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