Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Internet, Internet, My Kingdom for the Internet

By now both people who follow this blog know that we are experiencing some massive server problems at the church. I have been email-less since last Friday. Yesterday I walked in to the office and found the ladies with a paper calendar and pencils. Just one week prior all they had to do was shoot off an email.

Here are a few things to take away from this whole experience.

  1. God is still n the throne, even when things are maddening for us.

  2. God is still saving people, internet or not.

  3. The first century church did not rely on the knowledge and efficiency of their network server. They relied on the power of God.

  4. The Gospel of Jesus Christ made it all the way to Portland, OR without the help of the internet.

Praise God through Whom all blessings flow!

1 comment:

Benny Salas said...

Now that's wisdom you get when it comes down too it! It's hard to do without though! My wife challeneged me to fast all my networks: Twitter, blog and facebook and I got scared!!!!! LOL