Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday Morning Commentary - Monday Edition

Ok… here’s a recap as I see it:

  • Sunday School was great. I heard from many that Adult Sunday School 1 (Bill’s class) had a lot of fun looking… literally… at the Passover. The Sunday School teachers that work with the younger people also told me that the students truly enjoyed the lesson. More than that though, the Church was edified though studying the Passover.
  • The Music Ministry Team was phenomenal, as always
  • Personally, I was terrified Sunday morning as I looked out into the Sanctuary. (As I read more and more Scripture, I am finding myself to be less and less confident in my preaching…. That is a good thing.)
  • I don’t make it a habit of looking at the congregation as the elements for the Lord’s Table are being served, but I did this Sunday. I was moved as I say so many people examining themselves in light of the Light of God’s Word.
  • I am so exited as I think of all the things that God is doing around here.


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