Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Media, Media, on the screen... who is the wisest one of all?

These stats are taken from www.ronedmondson.com

Average daily media consumption of U.S. children according to the Kaiser Family Foundation:
   * Listening to music: 151 minutes
   * Watching television: 270 minutes
   * Playing video games: 73 minutes
   * Talking on cell phones: 33 minutes
   * Text messaging: 90 minutes
   * Nonschool computer use: 89 minutes


I can remember closing the door to my room after school and parking in front of the TV for hours. I didn't know it was "normal". What's harder to fathom is the amount of texting some kids do.  ...!

So what do we make of all this?  Times change... yep.  But we are called, no matter what age we are or what age we find ourselves in (digital or otherwise), to keep the Gospel the main focus of our lives.  Can Jesus be glorified through what we say and do?  Can His name be proclaimed through the activities we engage in? 


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