Tuesday, May 11, 2010


 Next Generation Leader: 5 Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future

Andy Stanley is a world-class leader and we should expect nothing less than a world-class book on leadership from him.  He delivered the goods... again.

He has nailed it with this short, but precise work.  What are the qualities of a NEXT GENERATION LEADER?

1.  Competence.  Always work in your area of gifting and surround yourself with those who excel where you do not for maximum return.

2.  Courage.  Leaders do what needs to be done... period.

3.  Clarity.  Leaders need to be clear about where they are going... especially if the "how" is not certain.

4.  Coaching.  Evaluation by key people and mentors is another ingredient to success.

5.  Character.  Without ethics and moral integrity you might be a leader... but certainly not one worth following.

I think Andy capsulizes the essence of this book in the epilogue:

"[Leadership] is a gift.  But it is a gift that comes to you in raw form.  Like music or art, leadership must be developed if it is to be used effectively."

That is the author's goal and I recommend this work to anyone wanting to "go farther... faster".

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