Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off the Clock?

Every Saturday for the last couple of months several young men gather at the Bethany Baptist Church office complex to discuss theology, sharpen each other, and study the Word together.  Last week we looked at 1 Peter 1:13 - 21....


The apostle Peter lays it on thick.  (JUST WAIT UNTIL CHAPTER 2!)

We really spent a lot of time thinking and talking through this thought:

As Christians... we are NEVER "off the clock".



There are always:
- Believers who need encouragement.
- Unbelievers who need the gospel.
- A brother or sister in Christ who needs correction.
- OUR OWN SIN that need to be repented of.

... and even if all the above was done.  Even if we could catch a break in the sacntification process... there is NEVER an unacceptable time to praise the King of glory.

No brethren... we are never off the clock.

Be blessed y'all... be a blessing.

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