Saturday, February 20, 2010

What 8 years has taught me...

Every year, on Feb 17, I think my wife needs a medal of honor. She is
not only an amazing woman... she is a godly mother, a great servant of
Jesus, a true friend, and the best wife on this or any other planet.
Feb. 17th was our 8th anniversary and, if anything, there is one thing
I know for sure:

I love Daniela Johnson.

But here's the secret to 8 years of joy (and I imagine the secret to
80 years) - I wake up every morning and choose to love her.

Folks, the person you are married to or the one you are preparing to
marry is not the most lovely person EVERY DAY. Therefore, you must
make the conscious decision to love them every day.

Read (and then re-read) Ephesians chapter 5.

Men, are you up to the task?

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