Friday, February 5, 2010


Made to Stick (Heath and Heath) Book Review below:

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Well... what can I say about this amazing work by the brothers Heath?  Their ideas will certainly stick with me.  I have begun incorporating some of the time tested principles of this book into every form of communication I use (preaching, teaching, writing, blogging, parenting... everything).

Basically, this book sets out to teach you how to make your point stick... sort of fitting considering the title eh?

The authors cover 6 essential characteristics of ideas that last and impact those they come in contact with:

1. The core message should be simple.

2. Presentation should be unexpected.

3. The imagery should be concrete.

4. There must be credibility to the idea.

5. People are emotional and ideas that stick should not forget the emotional element of "human-ness"

6. Stories can carry ideas farther than facts and figures can.

The authors have also included extremely helpful exercises reinforcing these areas on vulnerability.  If you decide to check this book out, I highly recommend working through the exercises.  One warning though: This book will most likely make you think, but more than that, it will probably make you act on what you think.  The last thing you want is to share tons of data with someone or a group of someones and find that NOTHING LASTED... nothing stuck!

Bottom-line: I only recommend this book if you want what you say to be remembered and acted on.

One of the places you can get Made to Stick is here.

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