Friday, February 19, 2010

First Flight (part 2)

The guy that gave up his seat for us....

If you have ever traveled in a large group, then you know that
sometimes you can not sit together on a plane. Such was the case with
both our flights (Portland - Texas. . . Texas - Miami). The FAB 5 had
almost the entire row behind me.

So I asked the man behind me to switch.

He seemed a little reluctant at first, but then he saw that I was
traveling with my family. We traded seats.

It turns out that he was also traveling with his family and he gave up
a seat close to them so I could be close to mine.

Does that remind you of Anyone?

Jesus Christ gave His life so that we could have life in Him. That is

Why not take five minutes and read (then re-read) Romans chapter five?


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