Thursday, October 22, 2009

BOOK REVIEW "God's Eye View"

Do you think your perception of a circumstance would change if you knew the whole picture? Tommy Tenney challenges his readers to worship their way to God's side and rest in Him in his book God's Eye View.

Probably the hardest hitting section of this book is found in the 8th chapter where the author, speaking of God's provision of a ram in stead of Issac on the mountain, writes:

Abraham's problem and God's solution were coming up the same mountain, but the problem couldn't be see the solution until it paid the price to reach the top.... Only God could see both sides of the mountain. (p. 147)

I have been blessed to have read so many thought provoking and challenging books that I can recommend to those who are serious about deepening their relationship with Christ. God's Eye View is another one of those books.

(Even if you do not read God's Eye View let me encourage you trust the One who sees both sides of the mountain you are climbing.)

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