Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daddy a Sammy go a A'pork

My wife's grandmother is flying into Portland from S. Florida today.
All week my son has been saying "Daddy a Sammy go a A'pork." For those
who do not speak Sammy-ease, it translates to something like this:

Daddy and I are going to the Airport.

(This is a big deal... in light of my son's near obsession with

Anyway, I find it absolutely amazing that he can stay so focused... so
singleminded in what his objective is. He wants to go to the airport
with his daddy. Clear... concise... simple.

Much the same way, our Lord laid His plan for the church out for all
to see. It is clear, concise, and simple:

Preach the Gospel and make disciples. (Matthew 28 and elsewhere)

We are about to begin a detailedp study of the book of Galatians next
week. In this book we will see (among other things) what happens when
this clear, concise, and simple directive is compromised.

This is not only a shameless plug for our study of Galatians, but a
call to stay focused on the goal.


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