Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yesterday my son and I took a walk to the local library.  It’s only .33 miles away so it was long enough to enjoy the sun and not tire my 2 year old too much.  


On the way, Sam pointed out every single car, truck, motorcycle, van, and bicycle he saw.  He knows that a truck looks like a truck and a van looks like a van.  Cars are his weak spot.  Some cars look like vans and some look like… well… they just look silly.  Sam pointed out a van, that was actually a car (Nissan makes some interesting van-car look a likes).  I told him, “No Sam.  That is just a plain car.”  I looked at him as he looked at the plain car.  He was clearly puzzled.


It took me a while but I finally figured out what he was thinking.  He has no comprehension of the word “plain”.  So naturally he thought I called that Nissan a “plane car”.  While Hollywood has produced a few of these, I have yet to see any auto manufacturer produce a consumer version of the, often times coveted, plane car.


I am so thankful that God the Father does not use words that we can not understand.  That though He is God, He chose to reveal much about Himself and did so in ways we can comprehend.


As you go throughout the day, think of all that the Lord has taught you about Him.




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