Thursday, June 25, 2009

How true...

Author Pete Hammond nails it:

  • I seek comfort – He invites me to join in his suffering.

  • I like acceptance and approval – He calls me to be counter-cultural.

  • I assume my right to safety – He calls me to personal risk.

  • I desire financial security – He encourages generosity.

  • I cherish privacy – He invites me into community.

  • I yearn for personal significance – he made himself “of no reputation.”

  • I hide for fear of being judged and rejected – He knows me fully and loves me.

  • I really like my pillow – He had no place to lay his head.

  • I want to prolong a healthy life – He calls me to die daily.

  • I hide in macho male bravado – He weeps for others.

  • I love good regular meals – He feeds others.

  • I ponder doctrine – He practices love.

  • I crave success – He wants me to oppose evil at all costs.

  • I seek out important people – He befriends the despised and rejected.

    Jesus is hard to enjoy,
    But what I find deep within me is much worse.

From Lessons, Prayers & Scripture on the Faith Journey by Pete Hammond

The Question is, of course, will you allow the Lord to use you in the ways that please Him?

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