Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Day at the Coast

This past Monday, I took the Fab 5 (Daniela and the kids) to Seaside, OR. We had a lot of fun. Daniela and I spent a lot of time on the beach playing with the kids and talking about ministry, the future, and just plain talking.

I am not used to the ultra-fine sand on the Oregon Coast. Not only is it really gentle to walk on, it has some peculiar features. I dropped a penny into the sand and guess what? IT VANISHED. It was as if I had done nothing. The penny was far denser than the sand and seemed to disappear.

Let me encourage all of us to take a few lessons from the penny, the sand, and this story:

  • We have a message (the Gospel) that will not do anyone any good if we simply hide it in the sand.
  • We need to be careful that the world around us does not swallow the message up. We need to train our selves to be students of the Word.
  • Throwing a penny in the sand may have seemed like a waste to some, but it taught a timely lesson. Be sure to share what god has taught you with those who need to hear.


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