Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday Morning Commentary (Tuesday Edition)

I am still recovering from Sunday, it took a lot out of me. What an amazing time we had in worship of our God and King. And now, Sunday morning’s happenings from my perspective:

  • One of the joys I have is studying the Word of God for rather large chunks of time. So far, last week’s study of Leviticus has been the most challenging and, to be frank, the most frustrating. I say frustrating because every time I turn the page and allow myself to be honest with the text I find myself under great conviction. Trust me… that’s a really good thing.

  • The worship / praise team did an amazing job (as usual)!

  • The Lord saw fit to schedule the teaching of the burn offering (basically all of Leviticus chapter 1) and our monthly celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

  • The Spirit of God is moving at Bethany Baptist Church in such a way that has not been in years, so I am told.

  • While there were several families still out on vacation and individuals who could not come for various reasons, God proved last Sunday that it is not the size of the meeting that is key, but the heart that worships the lord in Spirit and in truth.

  • I am totally beside myself in awe as I see both what the Lord is doing here and what He is going to do. I wait in blissful anticipation.

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