Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today was a lot like the others… only more funner.

I know, I know. Funner is not a real word. But I have to admit that I really had fun today.

  • I was actually able to wakeup this morning at 7 am after going to bed around 2 am. Yep… that’s a whopping 5 hours of beauty sleep.

  • The Elders met with a missionary couple. We had a sweet and productive time of fellowship.

  • I was able to hear a ten year old boy’s testimony.

  • A dear brother and I went out and made several visits.

  • While he and I were out and about, we dined at a local restaurant where a couple from the church was also dining. So we ate together.

  • The server that Bethany is back up and running which means I got the hundred or so emails that had been accumulating.

  • The Lord answered a big prayer concern of mine (come on by this Sunday morning to hear more on that)

But do you want to know what really, really made this day more funner than the others? (and yes, I am still aware that funner is not a word.)

Jesus Christ is coming back! As much fun as I have spending time with my family and in ministry and studying the Word, I am looking forward to the time when the Word made flesh makes His second debut.

I had a great day today and I hope to have another just like it tomorrow. Even so Lord Jesus come.

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