Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Evening Commentary (Monday Morning Edition)

Well. Is it ever business as usual at Bethany? I sure hope not. Here’s a recap:

- I started a new Sunday school class yesterday. It was small, but intimate, had a great time too.

- I got rave reviews from my red-heads that their children’s church was down right awesome.

- What can I say about the music today? I don’t want to get mushy or anything, but I was truly moved by the power of God.

- While the preacher may not have been at his prime, the Holy Spirit most certainly was. Jesus Christ is STILL changing lives. Amen.

- The Sound/Video/Lighting booth is almost remodeled. It is amazing what a few guys can do in such short time! It looks great, and more importantly, it is more functional where it is now.

(By way of caveat, I am getting both excited and nervous about playing for the worship team.)

Thanks to everyone who had their hand in the service.

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